My Main Jobs


I work as Content Creator for basketball specialty store, Bouncewear. This is my main job, and the place where I spend most of my time.

Elite Academy

I am Head of Social Media for Elite Academy Antwerp. A basketball academy who has a big online reputation and following.

My Recent Work

Telenet Giants Antwerp

3x3 World Cup

Belgian Lions

Antwerp Giants Youth

Crelan 3x3 Finals

Antwerp TOPdesk

Q54 2022

BBC Geel

Kangoeroes Mechelen

“Max is a young man with a notable passion for Photography , he wants to learn and improve. It's always fun to work with someone like that."

Tanner Brightman, Golden Ticket Sports Canada


Who is Visuals Of Maxx?

My name is Maxim Luyten, but everyone calls me Max

I am a 21 y/o photographer located in Antwerp, Belgium.

I’m most comfortable in the sports world which comes from my big passion for Basketball.


I find my happiness in helping other people, that is why

I love my job and why the reactions of other people when receiving my work feel like rewards.


Whether you’re curious about working with me, tips & tricks, or anything else, I’m here to answer

any questions.